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Nobutaka Aozaki

Looking for Your Smile Bag


Incoming Call

Daniel Bejar

Get Lost!

Isidro Blasco

Not Really There

Michael Paul Britto

The Brown Man Experience

David Antonio Cruz

How To Order A Chocolate Cake

Dennis Redmoon Darkeem

Good Trade

Carrie Dashow

"Keeper of the smallest plant, I do."

Jordan Eagles

Blood Projection


Nothing is Free

Nicholas Fraser


John Craig Freeman

14th & AR

Ghana ThinkTank

Black Lives Matter Street Signs

Monika Goetz


Lawrence Graham-Brown

Game: Hunt, Capture, Kill

Alicia Grullón

Revealing New York: The Disappearance of Other

Terry Hardy

Faded Glory

Leah Harper


Skowmon Hastanan

Orchid Clinic

Linda Hesh

Chance Meeting Doorknob Hangers

The Illuminator

Illuminating Student Debt

Yoko Inoue

18 Minute Interval Swipe

Sam Jablon

Poet Sculpture

Tomashi Jackson

Untitled (CMYMe) (Alesia, Alberta, Tanisha, and Me)


Eight Spaces of Empty Place

Pedro Lasch

War on 14th Street

Liz Linden


LuLu LoLo

Joan of Arc of 14th Street: Where are the Women?


Listening Posts

L. Mylott Manning

Road Kill Stuffed Animals: Endangered Species

Carolina Mayorga

Our Lady of 14th Street

Irvin Climaco Morazan

Seeing Eye Tiger

Laura Napier

This Area Will Be Photographed


Working Woman

Jabari Owens-Bailey

Nigrum Paenitentiam — When Oprah Wept

Jenny Polak

Lengua, Libertad!

Johannes Rantapuska & Milja Havas

Flux Flags

Edith Raw


Jesse Seegers

Potlatch Pavilion

Todd Shalom

Dirty Gay Soundwalk

Sasha Sumner, Nick Porcaro, Ellen Levy

Free Slurpee, 7-Eleven Intervention

Hank Willis Thomas

Black is Beautiful

Tim Thyzel

Umbrella Tumbleweed

Matej Vakula

Manuals for Public Space

Marieke Warmelink & Domenique Himmelschbach de Vries

Embassy of Good Will, One Hour of Free Help

Brooks Wenzel


Seldon Yuan

While We Are Here