War on 14th Street

A hand-drawn map of 14th Street accompanies notes written with chalk in a variety of locations between the East and Hudson Rivers. Engaging the ‘call to recall’ the first decade of Art in Odd Places, the piece uses this same time span (2005-2015) to publically counteract and highlight the amnesia that characterizes this time period in international relations. Charting key moments, names, memories, and facts for each of these years in the US-led war in Iraq and the wider Middle East, the work can be experienced as a linear walk from shore to shore, through a decade, starting with 2005 from the East River to First Avenue, and continuing with each avenue representing a year until reaching 2015 at the Hudson. The ephemeral writing is refreshed each day, reappearing in different places. The map and other documentation of these traces is part of War on 14th Street.


October 8 – 11

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Across 14th Street, from the East River to the Hudson. Drawing throughout the day on Thursday, October 8 and in the morning on Friday, October 9.