Manuals for Public Space

Manuals for Public Space is an international archive that contains ideas for creating, reclaiming, and re-creating public space. It is a toolbox for grassroots urban planning and interventions using various methods coming from DIY science, bioremediation, Open Source movement, and Constructivist Pedagogy. The ideas contained in the archive are presented as freely distributed user manuals with special tools for these interventions. We will be re-imagining future of public space in the US and creating alternative models of better commons, including a discussion about The High Line as a model of exclusion and policing of public space.


October 10 – 11

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Saturday, October 10: Discussion from 3-5pm. MfPS eBook launch (Manuals For Public Space, published by Lugubrious, New York) at 5pm.
Sunday, October 11: Exhibition and workshop (in collaboration with Public Lab) on 14th Street under the High Line Park from 10:30am-1pm, and from 3-5pm.